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Ensuring Premium, Farm Fresh, Natural Kashmiri Saffron since 1955.

Our Story

Four generations ago, when we migrated and chose farm life over urban; our ancestors set foundation for us to continue.

In mid of 20th Century, our founder Late Haji Ghulam Hassan Basu started his journey as a traditional shopkeeper in Pampore; selling the small produce from his farms. With the passage of time, his trade ethics, honesty and transparency earned him the trust of other local farmers as well as customers, resulting in creation of one of the finest platforms for Kashmiri Saffron; the birth of Basu Kesar Company in 1955.

His principles continue to be our core, something we are committed to never compromise on; even if it means no business for us.
His vision to have a unique presentation of Kashmiri Saffron led to the inception of Kashmiri Mongra. The required distinctive skill, bestowed only upon Kashmiri craftsmen, which converts Raw Kashmiri Saffron (Lacha) to its finished form Mongra gained recognition through the trade network established at Basu Kesar in the 1970's.

Today we are Local to Global


Our Clients

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